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Published on 05 September 2018

Ella Mittas on the Details of Dining

As an industry outsider, this chef – and pop-up pro – gets to make up her own rules.

“Paul Kelly came to dinner and took some of my potato salad home in a takeaway container,” says Ella Mittas through a wide grin. “I was so stoked.”

This delightful sincerity is the first thing you’ll notice about Mittas, chef, cooking instructor and host of a swathe of sell-out pop-up dinners. She’s both passionate and unpretentious about her food, and this trickles down into every detail of her projects.

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Published on 23 July 2018

The passion of the Greek - Ella Mittas

Ella wasn’t always into food, like many of us her vibrant passion for food was probably always there, subtle and dormant until some point when an awakening happened and she took those first steps into a life exploring food, I reckon she’s been striding gallantly ever since. Ella has had a few years many of us would envy. She moved to the homeland of her heritage spending alternating summers working in Greece and also Turkey where she worked a spell on farms and in kitchens learning from cooks and gardeners alike.

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