I'd just finished a writing degree when I started working in a kitchen - I simply thought it would be a fun job and good way to earn money. But like everything else I enjoy in my life, once I starting cooking it became a total obsession.


My Greek heritage and fascination of traditional foods and cooking styles led me to live and work in Turkey, Greece and Israel in recent years, picking up as much diverse knowledge as I possibly could on traditional cooking methods and unusual ingredients.


Now finally back in Australia, I am focusing my energy on teaching cooking classes, curating food events and catering. I’ve hosted dinners in collaboration with various venues across Melbourne and have catered events big and small. I love sharing a space with like minded individuals and creating special memories through food and wine.

I’ve called my project Ela, derived from not only my name but also from one of the most common Greek words έλα. It literally means “come”, so please Έλα! Ελπίζουμε να σας δούμε σύντομα (Come! Hope to see you soon.)