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For part of Melbourne Design Week this year Mon and I are putting on a dinner at Cam’s. The dinner is going to be themed to match the show that’ll be on in the gallery for Design Week;

‘How much can a koala Bear’ invites 13 contemporary, established and emerging designers, across broad design disciplines, to respond to the notion of what they think currently constitutes ‘Australianness.’

Our dinner is going to be an expression of what Australian food is to me. A physical expression of what I try and describe to people when I’m overseas, when they ask, ‘what’s Christmas like at your house?’ When they ask, ‘What’s Australian food?’ We’re getting the BBQ out, my dad’s working (hopefully), and Mon’s on the drinks list, so it’s sure to be killer.

Tickets are on sale via Eventbrite, they are for six courses, drinks are available on the night. Hope to see everyone there and send me an email with any questions you've got regarding the event!

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